Fedora Chronicles Radio Show #45: Doug Palumbo and I talk about the latest Press Release and Conference from NASA and proof of water on Mars. In the first section, we speculated on what the big announcement could or should be about and speculation about what kind of life could have existed on Mars eons ago. In Part Two we have a snip of the actual press conference, and we wrap it up in Part 3 discussing what NASA’s new findings actually mean and the possible future of The Space Program and what we think we should be doing in the realm of exploration.

Fedora Chronicles Radio Show #44: On this episode of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show, Doug Palumbo and I talk about the premiere episode of The Muppet's, Classic movies on Streaming video services and which one we think is better, and the future of On-Demand in the next couple of years.

Eric and Doug also talk at length at what they think the genre “Film Noir” really is, the difference between “Film Noir” and “Neo-Noir” and if the label “Noir” is used too loosely.

Bio-Hasard Interpretation Of “Decopunk”:
Holly Gonzalez shares with us her definition of 'decopunk' and why it's a favorite for so many retrocentrics.

Hiroshima: T-Plus 70:
Eric Renderking Fisk discusses the emotional impact the atomic bomb had on western society and the fears that linger today

Fedora Chronicles Dress Code:
Eric Renderking Fisk responds to the editorial by Elisabeth Vincentelli from The NY Times, "For the love of God, stop dressing like crap."

Taking Offense at being Offended:

"Small Boxes" Jenny Henry counters Eric Renderking Fisk’s thesis from “Incomplete Kits”

Film Flicks Refresh: "XANADU" - Eric Renderking Fisk reviews "Captain America – Winter Solder""Godzilla (2014)" "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "Stargate" (1994) which only reminds us of how awesome "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" was, and "For Your Eyes Only" The Best Roger Moore James Bond film. Period.


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